Technology Fast 50 CE 2020 Results

We awarded the fastest-growing Czech tech companies

DoDo, a data-driven logistics start-up, and FF Trader, a company that looks for new traders on capital markets through the FTMO platform – those are the fastest-growing tech companies and also the most successful Czech companies in this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE ranking.

Ranking of Czech tech companies in 2020

  • Category Fast 50
  • 2. DoDo
  • 3.
  • 4. FAVI
  • 12. Zonky
  • 15.
  • 18. Stratox Enterprises s.r.o.
  • 21. Monitora Media s.r.o.
  • 22. Applifting s.r.o.
  • 23. Recombee
  • 26. BlindShell
  • Category Rising Stars
  • 1. FF Trader (FTMO)
  • 2. GreyCortex s.r.o.
  • 4. DataSentics, a.s.
  • 5. HARDWARIO s.r.o.
  • 6. s.r.o.
  • 8. TriLAB Group s.r.o.
  • 10. Zaslat s.r.o.
  • 14. Whalebone, s.r.o.
  • 20. Knihobot s.r.o.
  • 25. SentiSquare s.r.o.
  • Category Tech Leaders
  • Prusa Research
  • Zásilkovna
  • Footshop
  • Pilulka
  • Category Impact Stars
  • FESTKA, s.r.o.
  • Pikto Digital a.s.
  • Varistar (Agrinova Services)

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Czech Top 50

Czech ranking: 50 fastest growing companies

Take a look at the Czech ranking
This year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE was again remarkable for Czech companies. In total, 21 of them succeeded against international competition, which is a great result. Moreover, thanks to the great interest of firms to take part in the programme, we were able to compile a Czech Top 50 – a ranking of the fastest-growing Czech tech companies. We are happy about the international success of Czech tech companies and excited about their interest in matching their force with foreign competitors. My wishes are for all participants to keep finding interesting opportunities, changing the beaten path and continue to grow.
Jiří SauerJiří Sauer
Leader of Technology Fast 50 CE
In the Rising Stars category, the Czech Republic gained 7 places out of 10, which is absolutely amazing. This shows that the Czech Republic remains the cradle of tech innovations and that young companies can successfully stack up against Central European competition. This year’s rankings include many new names. I am confident that we will hear about these promising and dynamic companies in the future and that they will build on the successes of the current tech leaders, who also participated in our programme. My wish for these companies is that they remain firm in their foundations and withstand this year’s challenges as well.
Kateřina NovotnáKateřina Novotná
Leader of Technology Fast 50 CZ

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More about
Technology Fast 50 CE 2020

Rules and competition criteria

Category Fast 50

To be nominated for the main Fast 50 ranking in Central Europe, companies must have operating revenues of at least € 50,000 in the last three years and operating revenues of at least € 100,000 in the current year. Within this category, we award the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the region. This year, more Czech companies succeeded in this category than ever before.

Category Rising Stars

A chance for new fast-growing companies that have great potential but are too young to meet the minimum requirement of four years of operation for the main Fast 50 category. Revenue of more than € 30,000 in each of the last three years is a condition for inclusion in this category. The unmissable world players Prusa Research, or STRV started out as Rising Stars.

Category Impact Stars

A special award for one company from each country in the Central European region that has developed a unique and innovative product or provides services that have a revolutionary impact on the market. The award can also be received by a company that successfully connects significant digital products or services with a positive impact on society and/or the environment.


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