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A programme that recognises and profiles fast growing technology companies

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Technology Fast 50 CE 2020

Rules and competition criteria

Category Fast 50

To be nominated for the main Fast 50 ranking in Central Europe, companies must have operating revenues of at least € 50,000 in the last three years and operating revenues of at least € 100,000 in the current year. Within this category, we award the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the region. Last year, more Czech companies succeeded in this category than ever before.

Category Rising Stars

A chance for new fast-growing companies that have great potential but are too young to meet the minimum requirement of four years of operation for the main Fast 50 category. Revenue of more than € 30,000 in each of the last three years is a condition for inclusion in this category. The unmissable world players Prusa Research, or STRV started out as Rising Stars.

Category Impact Stars

A special award for one company from each country in the Central European region that has developed a unique and innovative product or provides services that have a revolutionary impact on the market. The award can also be received by a company that successfully connects significant digital products or services with a positive impact on society and/or the environment.

Download application guidelines for more information about the categories.

Why should you apply?

You will gain positive publicity, attract new talents and strengthen your brand

If a company is to belong to the elite group of the fastest growing technology companies, its journey up cannot be made without enthusiasm, effort and innovation. This task is up to you. It is up to us to help you appreciate this effort. Placing in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE competition will give your company an increased market visibility and it will offer you additional opportunities for growth.


  • You will strengthen the image and awareness of your brand in the eyes of business partners, investors, clients and employees. You will combine your name with a prestigious award.
  • You will gain positive publicity in domestic and regional media and on social networks, you will attract new talents that are always in short supply on the market.
  • You can win the Impact Stars award, which we award to major innovative companies or those whose activities have a positive impact on society.
  • You will become part of the community of Fast 50 tech companies and, in addition to the ceremonial announcement of the results, you will be able to participate in other networking events.
„For more than 20 years, Deloitte has been honoring the fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Programme reveals the depth and scope of innovation across our region, driven by many of the dynamic, inspiring young companies that in time will form our economic bedrock. Being recognized as a Technology Fast 50 winner provides increased visibility, brand recognition, and growth opportunities to these fast growing companies.“ Jiří Sauer, Fast 50 Programme Leader Deloitte Central Europe

Placement of Czech companies in 2019

FAST 50 category

  • #2🏆

    Prusa Research

    Growth rate 4527 %
  • #3🏆

    Blindspot Solutions

    Growth rate 4445 %
  • #9🏆

    Sewio Networks

    Growth rate 1285 %
  • #10🏆


    Growth rate 1265 %
  • #12🏆

    Growth rate 1166 %
  • #13🏆


    Growth rate 1133 %
  • #15🏆

    Growth rate 950 %
  • #19🏆

    Proficio Marketing

    Growth rate 832 %
  • #20🏆


    Growth rate 820 %
  • #23🏆


    Growth rate 729 %
  • #24🏆

    Growth rate 728 %
  • #28🏆


    Growth rate 684 %
  • #29🏆


    Growth rate 658 %
  • #30🏆


    Growth rate 648 %
  • #31🏆

    Orgis IT

    Growth rate 605 %
  • #33🏆

    Meta IT

    Growth rate 586 %
  • #34🏆


    Growth rate 564 %
  • #36🏆


    Growth rate 548 %
  • #49🏆


    Growth rate 433 %

Rising Stars category

  • #1🏆

    FF Trader

    Growth rate 1465 %
  • #5🏆


    Growth rate 851 %
  • #6🏆


    Growth rate 822 %
  • #9🏆

    Monitora Media

    Growth rate 750 %
  • #14🏆


    Growth rate 562 %
  • #15🏆


    Growth rate 550 %
  • #16🏆


    Growth rate 537 %

Big 5 category

  • #1🏆

    Prusa Research

    Growth rate 4527 %
  • #3🏆

    Growth rate 1166 %
  • #4🏆

    Growth rate 950 %

Recognition of Excellence

  • 🏆

    DoDo Czech

  • 🏆

    Pocket Virtuality

  • 🏆

    XEVOS Solutions

Social Impact Award category

  • 🏆


Complete results of Fast 50 CE 2019


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