Data Science Academy

Become a data-driven company

We will help you extract real value for your business from your data. We will show managers depending on their specialisation what data they can use, how and for what. We will teach analysts how to apply various data science techniques in practice during our multi-week training courses.

Why choose Deloitte Data Science Academy?

  • We will help you extract real business value from your data.
  • We will teach analysts as well as managers everything they need for a data driven approach.
  • You can profit from face-to-face consultations with instructors and participants.
  • You will learn to use tools such as SQL, Python, R, Tableau, Hadoop, Spark or Kafka.
I appreciate the work and helpfulness of the instructors. They explained everything clearly during the course and answered all our questions. I like the printed-out presentations we were given, they are well organised and they will certainly be useful for me in the future. I appreciate that we had time to address a high number of methods and techniques during the training. – Jan Fučík, Analyst, Česká pojišťovna
I appreciate the preparation and knowledge of the lecturers, their willingness to explain anything at any time, even outside of the class. Overall the course took place in a very friendly and helpful atmosphere and the effort to teach us as much as possible was obvious. – Barbora Kohoutová, Data Scientist, Česká spořitelna
The data science academy gave me good insight into the world of data science and an opportunity to actually try the main techniques used. The lecturers are very helpful and willing to help and give advice. – Jana Štefanová, Data Science Specialist, T-Mobile
Attending the academy meant a major move forward in my data science journey. I deepened my knowledge of SQL using real tasks with data from my everyday practice, I learned the basics of propensity modelling and mastered new techniques of data visualisation. – Filip Husák, Senior Data Analyst, Česká spořitelna
We were in a situation where our team needed expanding the know-how analytics of the preparation of a model that shows the probability that a particular client will make a purchase. The Deloitte team explained and demonstrated everything on specific examples. What I liked the most was that everyone could try making their own model and discuss the obstacles they came across along the way. Simply in the spirit of the motto „Learning by doing“. – Milan Jirkovský, Head of CRM, Raiffeisenbank
The training gave me an opportunity to try coherent work from the preparation of predictors to segmentation, predictive modelling and giving visualisation a try. – Šárka Mandousová, Senior Analyst/Developer, T-Mobile

Conceptual one-day workshops for managers

Our one-day conceptual workshops are intended for managers who are in the process of implementing a data-driven approach in their company, as well as those who have already worked with data for a long time and just need advice on how to maximise their importance in a particular area of the business (e.g. HR, Reporting, CRM, Sales etc.). In essence, we will show you how to implement a data-driven approach with real benefits in the area where you work in your company.

Data-driven HR Prague

Increase the strategic impact of HR using data


HR Data Visualisation

Learn how to (co-)develop effective HR dashboards


Data Story Telling

Find out how to move your reporting to a higher level


Design Thinking

Solve data problems quickly and effectively


Practical training courses for experts and analysts

At our practical training courses, you will work independently on real business tasks and projects from the area of data science, data visualisation, cognitive intelligence or big data. We will help you move your analytical skills to the next level and thus allow you to resolve new data challenges and more complicated and complex tasks.

Data Science – Intermediate

Improve your knowledge of SQL, learn binary classification and segmentation and become familiar with the basics of data visualisation using real business problems


Data Visualization – Intermediate

Master the data visualisation process and develop proficiency in using Tableau.


SQL Bootcamp

Learn the SQL query language from scratch and move on to more advanced data analytics!


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